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Mercer University Pipes and Drums
Macon, Georgia, U.S.A.


Mercer University hosts the Pipes and Drums web site pursuant to the hosting policies and procedures adopted by the University. The Pipes and Drums is a student activity, and does not constitute an official unit of the Corporation of Mercer University.

Questions and comments regarding this site should be directed to Questions and comments regarding Mercer University's IT department or activities should be directed to

The background features the Nicolson tartan, in honor of the generosity of the Nicholson family to Mercer University. The tune is a line from MacKintoshs Lament, as performed by Scott Leslie, with his kind permission.

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Mercer Group Photo

Left to right, standing: Ken Linnell - Drum Major, Charles Carter, Pete Kiernan, Sarah Dessart, Gary Livesay - Pipe Major, John Cavender, Doug Steeples, Russell Lewis, Charlie Wallace, pipers.
Front, kneeling: Cal Carter, Darren Layfield, Frank Dane, Elizabeth Smith, Karen Wallace, drummers.
Photo taken April 6, 2000, at Culloden, Georgia.

The Mercer University Pipes & Drums exists to:

  1. improve the performance standard of pipers and drummers both as individuals and as an ensemble;
  2. provide instruction to all persons interested in joining the Pipes and Drums;
  3. represent Mercer University in the presentation of pipe music and pipe band performance; and
  4. build a corps of musicians capable of competitive regrading to higher levels.
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